Juicy’s decanters are the state of the art in clarification technology. Through the implementation of our machine in your juice-making business, you will benefit from:

  • maximum achievable yield on the raw materials you process;
  • outlet soft system for the gentlest extraction of the juice;
  • maximum versatility so you can process any kind of fruit or vegetable;
  • advanced sealing features for maximum hygiene and lower oxidation;
  • minimum energy consumption, due to its integrated energy-saving system;
  • user-friendly display and controls;
  • cheap and easy maintenance.

Please see the chart below to learn on the rough* flow rate for each decanter centrifuge available:

Item Machine             Flow Rate

Vfzero                      0,5 ÷ 2 m3/h
V2                             2 ÷ 10 m3/h
V5                             5 ÷ 20 m3/h
V7                           10 ÷ 35 m3/h
V9                           15 ÷ 50 m3/h

* the values in the above chart may slightly change according to either the kind of fruit or the kind of process used.