We started partnering Vitone Eco a few years ago. At the beginning, we just provided them with a maintenance and reparation service for the machines they had sold to Spanish customers.
Because their machines, especially their decanter centrifugees for olive oil extraction, featured extreme reliability, strenght and effectiveness, we believed in their product potential in our business area and we were definitely persuaded to expand our partnership with Vitone Eco. As a consequence, we signed with them an agreement which has appointed our Company as their exclusive distributor for Spain. That was the right choice. In fact, we have been protagonist of Vitone Eco's business growth in Spain and we are pretty proud of the job we made and confident for that one we still have to do. I recommend Vitone Eco as a partner to whoever works in this field.

Salvador Olmedo, Talleres Olvesa, http://reparaciondecanter.com/