GR 6000 malaxer

This machine is the latest model of malaxing systems for olive paste or husks by Vitone Eco.

Designed and built for continuous industrial processing or for medium – high volumes, GR 6000 can handle either an “always fed”, single phase 6000 litres process, either an automatic handling of two partitions of 3000 litres each, due to an internal sect. Compact, fully built with stainless steel, it features a special profile impeller, automatic water circulation control through coils.

GR 6000 optimizes the malaxing process while assuring perfectly prepared olive paste for the following oil extraction. The machine is equipped with a screw elevator for the crusher loading, discharge electro valves, paste pump and complete electric control panel.

Installed Power: 5,5 + 0,75 + 0,75 KW


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