Vitone Eco is the industrial heritage from a family of very ambitious entrepreneurs who, in lands mainly farmed by olive trees, more than one century ago, started manufacturing olive presses for local olive oil makers.

A few years later than the Company foundation, our machines were being exported worldwide. To adapt to the changes gradually occurred to its related competitive arena, Vitone Eco has successfully experienced a market development strategy.

Due to the stock of knowledge handed down by their olive-presses focused ancestors, the Company inheritors have expanded business into technologically comparable fields, such as food&beverage, bio-energy, recycling and sludge dewatering.

Nowadays Vitone Eco builds horizontal axis centrifuges (decanters) and vertical separators, to separate many different kinds of fluids and remove the solid part. The Company products range includes poly-preparation systems and screw conveyors.

"We seek to run our company to the highest possible standards of transparency, accountability and ethical conduct. We believe that effective corporate governance is the foundation of a well-run business."

Gaetano Vitone



enviromental consciousness

There is a balance between economic growth, social welfare and environmental protection.

And it’s our imperative job to help maintain or restore it, if compromised.

Recognizing the social responsibility that belongs to us as an economic organization, we pursue the idea of ​​sustainable growth in two directions.

The first is implicit in our mission to build waste-free technologies. Until 100% of the waste from our business can be reused in our either in other industrial processes or, some way, returned to man’s availability, for his vital needs, we will not consider our mission accomplished.

The second direction is represented by the code of conduct to which we have spontaneously adhered: every decision we can take, as well as every action we can take, must first of all be ethically validated. If they can cause harm to society or the environment, they are judged to be socially irresponsible and therefore rejected a priori.