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The processing cycle to obtain olive oil can be summarized in 6 essential phases: harvesting, washing, pressing, kneading, centrifugation, storage and bottling.

1. The olives, initially transported in special polyethylene containers, are poured into the hopper from which, with a special conveyor belt, they pass within the range of action of the defoliator which eliminates leaves and twigs.

2. Subsequently in the washing tank the olives are washed and then dried by draining the water.

3. Milling is the first real phase of oil extraction. Through a second belt, the washed olives are first crushed by granite millstones and subsequently the paste obtained is properly crushed, with a regular particle size, by a mechanical crusher.

4. The next phase is the kneading of the paste obtained, the purpose of which is to aggregate the micro-drops of oil present in the paste through continuous mixing at a temperature between 20 and 27 °C, for a time not exceeding 60 minutes.

5. Once this is finished, the paste passes through a horizontal centrifuge, called a decanter, which, through the rotating action of the drum, separates 3 phases from the paste: the virgin olive pomace, which is sent to the pomace factory for transformation into pomace oil and fuel, the vegetation water which is used as agricultural fertilizer and the oily must. The latter is sent to a vertical centrifugal separator which, through rotation, separates the oil from the solid residues still present.

6. The oil thus obtained can then be stored in food-grade stainless steel silos with a nitrogen system, suitably placed in an air-conditioned room in order to preserve the organoleptic and chemical characteristics of the product just obtained.

Vitone Eco is aimed at both industrial companies that produce olive oil on a large scale and artisanal companies that produce extra-virgin quality olive oil in small batches. Among the products we manufacture, you will find advanced technical and process solutions designed to adapt to oil mills of any size.

Vitone Eco admires the passion that motivates the maniacal perfectionism of the mill master, who works small batches and prioritizes the quality of the final product.

Vitone Eco consequently provides him with expertise and technology such as to maximize the profitability of his business and satiate his yearning for product excellence.

The Vitone Eco products portfolio allows you to choose between single components and process modules or complete turnkey projects. Each machine is designed to help optimize production and minimize costs, including social and environmental ones. As our customer, we will share a wealth of knowledge over a hundred years old with you.


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We operate worldwide. We went global just a few years later than the Company foundation and currently we supply customers from around 100 different counties.

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