Sludge Dewatering


What you need to know

The sustainability imperative demands for the business transition to circular models. Given the enormous water consumption of industrial processes, obedience to circular business models implies an examination of the way in which waste water used in industrial processes can be treated so that it can be revalued, or returned to the economic cycle assets, generating further wealth.


In the field of sludge dehydration, the decanters designed by Vitone Eco excel in sturdiness, stability and ease of installation.

They achieve high flow rates while maintaining reasonable energy and flocculant consumption. As regards the discharge of the dry residue, the decanters manufactured by Vitone eco reach the maximum concentration of dry substance, in order to minimize disposal costs.



Fully Equipped


We make plug-and-play sludge-dewatering plants which take just the room of a standard container. Once delivered, you do not have to take it out, since it has been pre-assembled inside the container before leaving our factory and it works from inside once delivered at the customer’s company site. 

The container is fully-equipped with any device or facility required for a fine sludge-dewatering process: our customer neither need to assemble them by himself, nor has to provide further arrangements. All he needs is inside, all he needs has been already done from us.  He has just to plug wherever he wants, wherever it is convenient to him, and he can immediately start dewatering his sludge.

It is a cost-cutting option for companies operating the business of sludge dehydration, because they can save money and time. Infact, whoever chooses a mobile dewatering units doesn’t have to arrange connections on his own among devices and facilities involved with the dewatering process, since we have already done it on his behalf.

Plus: he doesn’t have to sustain any cost related to planning or projecting the plant, which would be a time-consuming job otherwise.


Why Choose Us?

Business Longevity

Gobal Reputation

Worldwide Prompt Service

We have built separators since 1904 and during more than one century of hisory we have succesfully implemented our separations technologies to many fields (food, beverage, pharmaceutic, cosmetic, energy) before expanding to wastewater treatment.

We operate worldwide. We went global just a few years later than the Company foundation and currently we supply customers from around 100 different counties.

We guarantee fine around-the-clock assistance, even from remote, everywhere the customers facility is located. We assure training and support in both pre and post-sales phases, transparency and confidentiality. 

Our prices are he most competititve in the market and our plants require cheap and easy maintanance. Plus: we make available to our customers off-the-shelf spare parts, immediately ready to be shipped at the customer’s company site wherever located it is.


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