Avocado Oil Extraction


Leading the market

Vitone Eco’s engagement in the avocado oil extraction industry is pioneering and internationally rewarded, as happened by the Avocado Society of Kenya, which awarded Vitone Eco with the title of best avocado oil extraction plant manufacture.

To meet the growing consumer demand for high quality edible extra virgin avocado oils, Vitone Eco has gained knowledge and developed industry leading technologies. Through cold pressing, we have managed to offer complete lines to meet the needs even of the most zealous customer.

Vitone Eco does not play the role of a mere supplier, but of a consultant: it advises, through a wide and exhaustive range of services, the excellent solution in terms of quality and profitability, regardless of the size of the customer’s business or the specificity of the market in which it competes.

Vitone Eco offers complete plants for the production of cold-pressed virgin and extra virgin (EVO) avocado oils, as well as for the large-scale production of crude avocado oil. Our team of consultants has refined a variety of technical applications capable of analyzing the specificities of the raw material in order to guarantee a personalized response to each need, both in terms of quality and expected yield.

Due to its facilities high technical and innovative content, Vitone Eco promises avocado oil producers to master the complexity of the extraction process. We designed technologies that meet the highest standards of efficiency, obtaining the most from the resource with minimum waste and at low costs.

Vitone Eco boasts a range of equipment wide enough to include integrated solutions suitable for all stages of avocado processing, from washing to extraction, passing through destoning and malaxing.


Why Choose Us?

Business Longevity

Gobal Reputation

Worldwide Prompt Service

We have built separators since 1904 and during more than one century of hisory we have succesfully implemented our separations technologies to many fields (food, beverage, pharmaceutic, cosmetic, energy) before expanding to wastewater treatment.

We operate worldwide. We went global just a few years later than the Company foundation and currently we supply customers from around 100 different counties.

We guarantee fine around-the-clock assistance, even from remote, everywhere the customers facility is located. We assure training and support in both pre and post-sales phases, transparency and confidentiality. 

Our prices are he most competititve in the market and our plants require cheap and easy maintanance. Plus: we make available to our customers off-the-shelf spare parts, immediately ready to be shipped at the customer’s company site wherever located it is.


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